Get Some Sun: 5 Top Beaches in Puerto Rico

Looking to get some sun during your next Puerto Rico vacation? Be sure to check out these five top beaches in Puerto Rico.

There’s a reason Puerto Rico welcomes 4.93 million tourists each year. The balmy climate paired with world-class beaches makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world to spend your vacation. 

Planning a trip to Puerto Rico but not sure which areas to visit? Don’t worry; we got you covered with this guide to the top beaches in Puerto Rico.

Top Beaches in Puerto Rico

While there are plenty of incredible beaches around Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan, some of the top beach destinations in Puerto Rico are a little more remote. 

Keen to leave the city and explore more of what the island has to offer? Then check out these top 5 beaches in Puerto Rico.

1. Sun Bay Beach 

Just 8 miles away from the Puerto Rican mainland lays the idyllic turquoise waters of Sun Bay Beach. It’s one of the top rated beaches in Puerto Rico for good reason!

Located on Isla Vieques, this beach looks like something from a fairy tale.

With white sandy shores gently lapped by azure water, you won’t want to leave! 

At night the ocean comes alive with the bioluminescent plankton that makes the water sparkle. Seeing this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

2. Cayo Icacos

Located in a natural reserve, this beach is accessible by water taxi or private charter. 

The color of the water at this beach will make you marvel! The perfect spot for some snorkeling, Cayo Icacos is one of the top beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

3. Tortuga Beach 

You can’t even imagine the beauty of this beach. Located on Culebrita Island, it’s only accessible by boat or seaplane and is one of the only deserted paradises left on this earth. 

Swim alongside the turtles who live here as you marvel at the beauty of the natural world. 

4. Playa Sucia 

On the southwest tip of Puerto Rico, you’ll find Playa Sucia. The name strangely means ‘dirty beach,’ but it’s anything but dirty! The crystal clear blue water will captivate your imagination. 

Swimming here is one of life’s ultimate pleasures. The water is warm, and the sand is squeaky clean. There’s also a famous lighthouse which makes for an unparalleled photo opportunity at sunset. 

Why the strange name? Perhaps because at some times of the year, you can find kelp floating in towards the shore. This cannot distract from the beauty of this location, though. 

5. Luquillo Beach

You will find this beach near the El Yunque National Forest. If you want to explore a stunning beach and get into nature simultaneously, a visit to Luquillo Beach is made for a perfect day trip.

Luquillo is thirty miles to the east of the capital city of Puerto Rico and the perfect place to escape the city. Swim in the warm, calm ocean and forget your worries!

Enjoy Beach Time in Puerto Rico

Now you know all about some of the top tourist beaches in Puerto Rico, it’s time to plan your trip here. You won’t regret it! 

Want some more local tips and advice about the best places to visit and the top beaches in Puerto Rico? Get in touch here.  

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