5 Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico to Eat At

Choosing the best places to try on your vacation in Puerto Rico requires knowing your options. Here are the best restaurants in Puerto Rico to eat at.

Are you planning a vacation in Puerto Rico? Then, besides getting yourself organized in terms of transport, accommodation, and activities, you’ll also want to get some information on where to eat.

Eating in Puerto Rico can be an incredibly exciting and unique experience. Our guide right here gives you some great advice on the four restaurants in Puerto Rico that you must not miss. Ready to take your tastebuds on a truly mouth-watering trip?

1. Jose Enriqué

Located in a converted house in La Placita, San Juan, this splurge-worthy establishment serves up contemporary Puerto Rican dishes.

The menu changes almost on a daily basis, but you can always expect it to feature some combination of meat, fish, and vegetables.

Due to its popularity, and the fact that it doesn’t take reservations, come armed with patience because you might end up queueing for quite a while.

2. Meat Market

Calling all meat lovers out there! The restaurant of your dreams is in Carolina, a modern-looking steakhouse offering some of the best and finest cuts of meat in the whole of Puerto Rico.

Despite the sophisticated, elegant setting, and the incredible quality and flavor of its food, the Meat Market is actually quite reasonable in terms of prices. Even more of a reason to try it out!

3. La Guardarraya

If you are looking to grab some genuinely delicious, traditional Puerto Rican food at ridiculously bargain prices, then this Guayanilla eatery is right up your street.

This is a great option for a quick and relaxed meal with friends and is a sure bet if you want to taste a proper chuleta can-can, one of the most famous Puerto Rican dishes.

4. Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Puerto Rico also boasts some gorgeous, romantic restaurants, such as San Juan’s Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar.

With its classy, dreamy atmosphere and decor, and its rich menu of small plates of fusion cuisine, this is the perfect place to go on a dinner date.

Make sure you try its fanciful cocktails, its pan-roasted foie gras with blackberry sauce, and its signature kale pasta. Trust us, the hefty check will be totally worth it.

5. Uma’s

For something truly unique, try Uma’s. Located in Isabela, Uma’s offers an unexpected combination of Puerto Rican and Uzbeki cuisine that is worth trying out. 

Plus, the setting is pretty amazing: Uma’s is a real oasis right on the northwest coast, dishing out amazing cocktails and a varied menu that includes samosas, dumplings, and kabobs.

Ready to Discover the Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico?

Before you leave for your Puerto Rico vacation, make sure that you have checked out our handy guide featuring the best restaurants in Puerto Rico.

From restaurants for meat lovers to romantic eateries and fun places to choose from when eating with friends, we have options for every foodie.

Want even more tips and advice on how to create the perfect Puerto Rico holiday? Then, make sure that you visit our blog now!

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